The Dungeon is the place where the storyline progresses. When a floor has been successfully completed, the next floor of the dungeon will become available, and a cutscene may occur. The storyline floors are arranged into dungeons by theme, with most themes having 4 floors. The last floor of each theme typically has a larger boss-type monster to defeat to continue, though in some cases there are hidden or optional bosses.

Each floor has a Target Time to challenge the player to reach the Exit gate as quickly as possible. If the player beats the Target Time, their best time will be recorded (along with the name of the Main Character used) and the player will receive Fame at the rate of one point per second between the fastest time and the target. If the player plays again and beats their previous record, they will only receive Fame for the difference between their previous record and their new one. In many dungeons, receiving fame requires using shortcuts such as using hammers to break through walls or skipping treasure chests.

Main Storyline DungeonsEdit

Floor Floor Hint Target Time

Trial IslandEdit

1F Familiarize yourself with the controls. 0:31
2F Wanna test the effect of the trap? 0:19
3F Hiyokki is a rare monster. 0:18
4F Rachel is a prodigal, rich person 0:18

Initiation WoodseaEdit

1F Defeat the master of the swamp. 0:32
2F Advance as you defeat gate guardians! 0:36
3F Enter the hazardous territories. 0:36
4F Defeat the guardian of the fort. 0:27

Dark Elf GrottoEdit

1F Defending the door is an archer duo. 0:33
2F A future you can access with a switch. 0:40
3F Enter... deep and silent. 0:37
4F There exists a divine tree of darkness. 0:30

Pirate Ship WreckEdit

1F Be careful with water. 0:47
2F Patrol the area. 1:12
3F A running cat, a leaping swine 0:37
4F Skeletons laugh and rattle 1:25

Azure CorridorEdit

1F Beware of dangerous traps. 0:52
2F What matters is timing. 0:50
3F Outside - an illusion. Inside - an inferno. 1:05
4F Get crazy with warping. 1:23

Jungle RuinsEdit

1F All that taketh form someday breaketh. 0:21
2F A sanctuary under an idol's auspice. 1:06
3F A trap hidden in the door. 0:58
4F Hello from inside the wall. 1:00

Ordeal DesertEdit

1F Don't let the enemies seize you. 0:28
2F Explode, explode, and explode some more. 0:50
3F Fort in the desert, hard to fell. 0:35
4F Intercept the knight of the darkness. 0:30

White Death HillsEdit

1F Don't let the foe's moves bewilder you. 1:06
2F Laugh at the ice, cry on the ice. 0:55
3F Demolish the deity on the snowfield 0:24

Cursed CatacombEdit

1F Watch your step. 1:46
2F Dart through the darkness. 1:20
3F Do not awaken the dead. 1:40
4F Corpses without souls. 0:18

Ancient ColiseumEdit

1F Eye to eye, enemy to enemy 0:43
2F The Hundred Years' War. 0:37
3F Welcome to the torture chamber. 1:25
4F The mightiest gladiator. 0:58

Labyrinth GardenEdit

1F Which is the right route? 1:00
2F Don't fall to the temptation of riches. 1:35
3F Ask the skeleton for hints. 0:48
4F Pierrot, Pierrot, why do you dance? 1:06

Castle of No ReturnEdit

1F Don't fear the traps! 1:26
2F Going is good; returning is terrifying. 1:37
3F Harken the clock that beats death. 2:40
4F Fallen angels die thrice. 0:20

Madness PantheonEdit

1F What chases... 0:45
2F The great breaking-free-from-jail game. 0:51
3F If you would survive, know this... 1:14

Perfect WorldEdit

1F Exert every skill thee knows. 1:03
2F The world of opposing mirrors. 1:48
3F As my fate dictates. 1:05
4F The final ordeal. 0:30

Final GuardianEdit

1F The fires of darkness incinerate all. 0:40


1F The first step toward Death Glutton. 2:08
2F Two perilous paths. 2:24
3F Enter with your life on the line! 2:16
4F Get ready for an enduring battle. 1:56
5F A whirling chance at victory 2:20

Descent of Might SymbolEdit

1F A clash of forces. 0:08

Post-game DungeonsEdit

Once Death Glutton has been defeated, two more dungeons become available. A third dungeon, Time Attack, can be purchased from the Back Alley shop on Hiyo's ship with enough Fame.

Detonation 1000Edit

Fight Death Glutton again at level 1000. Every time Death Glutton is defeated, he will increase in level.

Fight Former Last Boss, LV999Edit

Fight the boss from the original ClaDun game. The boss's primary attack is to spin around hitting anyone near it, but has a number of other attacks, and can summon other monsters to attack:

  • Summon four copies that spread out and spin, hitting anyone near them
  • Summon a knight which slashes and disappears
  • Summon a beetle that shoots a projectile and disappears
  • Summon a demon that shoots three-way fire bullets.
  • Summon four fire or ice jets that appear around the player in a square
  • Fire green bullets in overlapping three-way patterns from both sides of its body
  • Create a stationary magic circle that erupts into a large pillar of crystal then shatters

Time AttackEdit

Floors with extremely high level traps and monsters, the goal is to rush through the floor to the Exit gate without dying.